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Pardis for Children, Sanam Akhlagh,
Founder/Executive Director,for permission to share
“Saaz va Avaaz”

Video: Afshean Hessam
Song: Saaz va Aavaaz
Album: Songs of Pardis
Vocals: Hani Niroo
Song written by: Asal Shakeri
Arranged and mixed by: Salmak Khaledi
Produced by Pardis for Children, Inc.
New York City

Pars Music Institute
Tehran, Iran

Thanks to Amir Vahab for his lovely Norouz lyrics to
the well loved Kurdish melody.
Merci to Nasim Alikhani for transliteration and
pronunciation help

Kheli mamnoon to Soudabeh Salem, Tehran
For “Salam salam” score and video

Photographers: Soudabeh Salem, Tehran, Iran
Malihe Maghazei, Tehran, Iran
Sogole Taba, San Pedro California

Robyn Friend and students
School of Silk Road Music and Dance,
San Pedro, California

For Endless Inspiration and Cultural Insight:

Nasim Alikhani

Aitak Ajangzan

Malihe Maghazei

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