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Introducing ourselves and our MUSIC students to Iran

"I’d love to arrange small gatherings for American visitors to talk about our lives, wishes, problems and hopes.” Malihe Meghazei, Historian


My curiosity about Iran began in the late seventies. My love affair began when my son Peter and I landed in Tehran in the summer of 2004.


As I write, tensions between the Iranian government and our own have once again been fraught with aggression, threats and retaliation.


Music teachers are in the important work of building bridges of appreciation and understanding.  This edition of World Songs and Conversations is offered in the hope that through song, we can hear and sense the extraordinary beauty of Persian/Iranian people and their songs; thus planting seeds of appreciation of this both very ancient, and very modern land-- in the minds and hearts of our students.



“I’d love to show you historical sites such as Persepolis and Yazd;  the dramatic, beauty of the Dasht-e-Kavir (The Great Salt Desert).and the Elborz Mountains."

Malihe Meghazei



There are four songs I’d love you to know. Dee Belol is a gorgeous folk song with piano accompaniment by the late Armenian Iranian conductor/composer, Roubik Gregorian. It is appropriate for solo voice or unison (intermediate level) choir. Please contact me if you would like me to send you Gregorian's piano accompaniment (no charge) or additional cultural information.


The second, Salam salam, is an upbeat welcome song by Soudabeh Salem, a composer and Artistic Director of her own music school in Tehran.


Fourth graders and I performed Salam salam, years ago—complete with the colorful, almost exotic sounding violin interludes. Salam, salam swings with the rhythm of typical Persian 6/8 meter. My students loved it.


3.Lyrics and translation are provided for the delightful

Saaz va Avaaz “We come together!” Enjoy the video! Information on the New York City based Pardis for Children is with the acknowledgements.

Perhaps your students can learn to identify the instruments!


4.Finally, as we approach the Persian New Year,

 “Shood Norouz” presents a merry tune for celebrating with traditional fire jumping, or the table of Haft Seen (seven S’s).  Lyrics spoken by a native speaker will help you nail the text. The melody is quite accessible and would be delightful with tambourine!

Dee Belol/Day Balal - A love Song

Dee BelolCantigas Womens Choir
00:00 / 02:53

Salam Salam/ Welcome Song

Salam Salam Sad Ta SalamVeda Music Students
00:00 / 04:06

Saaz va Aavaaz - Hani Niroo

Shood Norouz/Song for Norouz

Song for Norouz Shood NorouzSpoken
00:00 / 01:05
Soudabeh students happy singing Iran.jpg
Veda Music Students
Saaz vz Aavaaz, Hani Niroo

A love of world music
Pars Music Institute
Tehran, Iran

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