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Minnesota Music Educators Convention 

Minneapolis, MN


Keynote Address   

Organization of Kodaly Educators

Chicago, IL



Exploration of Greek Music Education

Thessaloniki, Larisa, Athens, Greece


Cantigas Women's Choir

Tour "Eternal Rebels"  Dublin, Limerick, Ireland


Songs from the Islamic World

NYU Kodaly Institute, New York City


Sources and Resources in Global Song

Wichita State UniversityUniversity (virtual)


Navigating Cultural Complexity in Global Song

International Kodaly Symposium

Los Angeles


Songs from our Homelands: A Parent Workshop

Welcome Home

Jersey City


Global Songs and Singing Games

Teatr Muzyczny 

Lublin, Poland


A Conversation Lounge: World music

St.Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia



Singing and English Conversation

Osh, Kyrgyzstan (Virtual)


A Global labyrinth of singing games and dances

Westminster Choir College, NJ


Sowing the Seeds: Singing in Early Childhood

Kodaly Organization of New York/ Westchester, NY

Candles on the rooftop: A Celebration of Cultural Context

OAKE National Conference  Pittsburgh, PA


Tallahassee, Florida

Chicago, Illinois

Vienna, Austria


Philadelphia Girls Choir:

Musical women in the Arabic speaking world


Summer Springboard : Text and Context

 James Madison University, Virginia


Singing and English Conversation

Osh, Kyrgyzstan


Kodaly Organization of New York: Summit on Equity and Diversity

Singing with Refugee Children and Friends
Welcome Home, Jersey City, NJ

Guest lecturer: World Music Education
University of Tennessee Chattanooga, TN

Fishing boats, Moonlit Rooftops and Spitting Camels
Southeastern Chapter Kodaly Educators
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Community Sing: Ozi, v’zimrat Yah
St. Francis Episcopal Church
Ooltewah, Tennessee

Festival: Global Singing Games
Rome International Schools Association
Rome, Italy (Postponed)

Guest Lecturer Music Education
Queens College, New York

Sowing the Seeds: Singing in Early Childhood
Kodaly Organization of New York
New York, New York (Postponed)

Journeys: Migration of the world’s people 
The Glass Menagerie, a NYC Downtown Community Chorus
Susan Glass, Artistic Director

Tallahassee, Florida
Chicago, Illinois

Vienna, Austria


Global music education for young students

Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico

World Music and The Global Imagination

Instituto Superior de Música "Jose Hernández"

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Song Collecting in our School Communities

NYU, New York City, NY

OAKE National Conference presentation: Turning the Kaleidoscope:
Understanding new opportunities and challenges in multicultural music
Columbus, Ohio

Workshop: ¡Cantemos! Singing games of Latin America

Jersey City, New Jersey

Workshop: Flying Poles and a Dancing Crab
Columbus, Ohio

Kodály Summer Teacher Training Course /International Folk Materials,
JMU, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Teacher mentorships:
Jersey City, New Jersey

Jacksonville, Florida

Artist in Residence Mustard Seed School, Hoboken, New Jersey

Workshop Kodaly Educators of Eastern Pennsylvania
Spitting Camels and Dancing Children
Millersville, Pennsylvania

Residency: Center for Movement and Dance
Kontakt Przestrzeń Ruchui Tańca,
Krakow, Poland

Lecture: Living peacefully in a pluralistic world. International Cultural Center,
Krakow, Poland



Conference Co-coordinator: Beyond Multiculturalism: Kodaly Organization of New York
New York, New York

Residency: Qatar Music Academy
Arabic Songs for Non-Arabic speaking students
World music: Singing games for international school teachers
Doha, Qatar.

Multicultural Songs and Singing Games
National conference demonstration: Organization of American Kodaly Educators
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Workshop: Spitting Camels and Candles on the Rooftop: Middle Eastern Songs and

Singing Games in Cultural Context,
Cleveland, Ohio

Faculty: “2o Foro internacional Música para todos y para todo”
Guadalajara, Mexico

Tour Director: Cantigas Women’s Choir Artistic Director
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Residency: Santiago, Dominican Republic

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